Are you living in a foreign country? If yes, you know the limitations you are faced with especially regarding employment. Well, I would like you to ask me anything on how I made it in a foreign country and still was able to move my wealth with me back home.

The Impact of Marijuana Usage on Young Adults AMA from a Public Health and Medical Perspective

Sometimes it's easy to lose weight but we don't know how! Ask me anything

AMA: The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana and adult use

Ask me anything about self-change!

My name is John L Robinson. I'm a writer, gamer, and anarchist. I've just finished writing an anarchist RPG supplement called "Path of the Black Flag", that I'm currently funding through Kickstarter. Ask me anything.

Jan 22, 2018

Want to re-design dieting? I'm making a meal planning app, AMA.

Jan 22, 2018

Ask Me Anything on Dating Relationship advice expert here to answer your questions about dating, love, marriage, as well as friendships and work relationships

My name is Daniela I am a Global Lifestyle Influencer. I get people in short period from negative to positive, achieving better health and life quality. Ask me anything.

Hey, I'm Maegan, a Registered Dietitian, and Diabetes Educator! AMA

How to lose 37 Pounds in 28 days ? Ask Me Anything.

I’m Cathy Lynn Brooks, author of “Not My Story To Tell, My Journey Through Grief: Loving and losing a daughter with bipolar disorder.” Ask me anything.

AMA about my autistic life, and passion for fashion & shoes

I'm a health coach and natural foods private chef. AMA!

Jan 17, 2018

Ask me anything about why you overeat. Is it too much food, is it a willpower problem, or is it just a symptom and not a problem at all?

I’m Sandina: a singer/songwriter and a visionary painter crowdfunding for a music album. Ask Me Anything about Music, Songwriting, Crowdfunding, Visionary art, Independent artist nowadays, Following your own style in arts - even Spiritual journey and Anxiety! Let’s have some fun!

AMA | Do you feel that Mental Health is misrepresented in the media and misused in general conversations? Then take a look at "Black Bear", a short film I am Producing, in which we aim to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. Please feel free to ask us anything about the process.

Oct 20, 2017

Help us realize this health-based initiative. ASK ME ANYTHING

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