I am a cancer survivor at 26. I realized that God is one call away. #AMA

AMA about the World's first and only upgradeable, real-time, remote monitoring wristband device is in the Philippines!

Aug 22, 2017

Hey! I am a psychology major furthering my knowledge in Abnormal Psychology. Lately experiencing or observing abnormal patterns of behavior? Ask me anything and let's figure it out!

I'm Min Yal Took, filmmaker and musician from Yangon, Burma and Fremont, California. I have a story about child psychology [action,drama] to make a movie. Ask Me Anything.

Aug 21, 2017

Hello! My name is Mirjana. Because of my great love for science, I now study Pharmacy & medical biochemistry. AMA

Agricofarms~encountering issues that are affecting the future of World. Securing #FutureMenu, promoting #theBIGshift in industry towards the sustainability to achieve SDGs. So, AMA

Hi, I'm Damian and I'm the CEO of a startup, which is the medical question bank for students helping them practice their knowledge - Ask Me Anything

My name is Ryan Mandelbaum and I'm a science writer at Gizmodo. I cover physics, food, and the world of experimenting. Ask me anything!

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