A journey of self-transformation: From clumsy, fat-slob to lean and attractive model. Ask Me Anything!

George MK
May 19, 2017

My name is George. 

I used to weigh more than 260 lbs, back in middle-school.

Naturally, I've experienced my fair share of bullying, rejection and considerable adversity growing up. It is mind-boggling to me today how I let myself fall so far down the rabbit hole.

I could blame my parents and upbringing, for not instilling me with healthy habits and routines. I could blame others, for not being sensitive to a young kid's struggle for acceptance. I could blame society, for having cheap, unhealthy food readily available at my disposal.

I could, but I would be lame and untruthful. Honestly, my biggest enemy was myself. And I argue this is the case for nearly anyone having weight issues. 

Right now, I am about 178 pounds, lean and muscular. I've done photoshoots as a model, and I've actually trained others in the gym for no pay, for the fun of it. 

Funnily, nowadays people always tell me how I'm blessed with an impressive metabolism and excellent fat-oxidation genetics. Oh god, if they only knew! Haha

Ask me anything. How I felt growing up, how I struggled and how I managed to push forward. How hopeless it felt at first, and how I managed to make progress. Ask me about diet and exercise. Ask me about developing discipline.

Ask me about how you can shape your will to cut through any obstacle.

Ask me anything. :)

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