Astringent? No. Deodorant? No. I use the Philippine lime to keep myself refreshingly clean and body odor-free. AMA!

Anatalia Farillas
Jun 17, 2017

Aside from giving us refreshing Vitamin C rich drinks, lime and citrus fruits have a host of other uses that are beneficial to our body. Let's take advantage of them!

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What made you resort to using fruits as deodorants?

Jun 18, 6:56AM EDT0

Hi Junior. I grew up with trees and medicinal plants in our backyard so I grew up with the knowledge of their different uses. It just seems logical to take advantage of them. Ana ☺

Jun 18, 7:25AM EDT1

How do you actually apply the lime as a deodorant?

Jun 16, 7:36PM EDT0

Hi, Daniel. After bathing, I apply it directly to the areas concerned. It's actually great for the whole body. Ana :)

Jun 16, 8:21PM EDT0

Why did you decide to use limes instead of other natural substitutes?

Jun 15, 5:19AM EDT0

Hi Katherine, I sometimes use lemons instead of Philippine lime (calamansi) although they are more costly. I also use aloe vera, guava leaves, and oregano leaves for other purposes.

Jun 15, 8:27PM EDT0

Are you a paid spokesman for Philippine lime deodorant?

Jun 15, 3:36AM EDT0

Hi Lisa, I wish I were. :D No, unfortunately, nobody ever thought of hiring me to do anything like that. :D

Jun 15, 8:14PM EDT0

Are you the type of person who leaves online product reviews?

Jun 15, 2:57AM EDT0

Hi Alexis, No, I have not done any online product reviews yet. Ana :)

Jun 15, 8:32PM EDT0

How would you describe the flavor of Philippine lime?

Jun 14, 11:22PM EDT0

Hi, Elizabeth. They taste about the same as lemons. They are on the bitter side. Ana :)

Jun 14, 11:41PM EDT0

What are your tips for using lime as a deodorant for the first time?

Jun 14, 8:36PM EDT0

Hi Julia, After bathing, apply the juice directly to the area concerned. Let it dry naturally. Ana :)

Jun 14, 11:40PM EDT0

Hi everyone! You can read my blog about lime/citrus here.


Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:46PM EDT0

Can you use Philippine lime for any other unusual uses?

Jun 14, 1:15PM EDT0

Hi Natasha, Yes, in fact, you can. Please read my blog to find out more.


Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:47PM EDT0

Is Philippine lime the same thing as calamondin fruit?

Jun 14, 11:30AM EDT0

Hi FFlores, Yes, they're the same fruit. Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:48PM EDT0

Is Philippine lime both edible and nutritious?

Jun 14, 10:37AM EDT0

Hi EricaGregory, Yes, it is packed with Vitamin C and tastes even better when mixed with honey. Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:50PM EDT0

Can you use this lime to clean your hair or nails?

Jun 14, 7:40AM EDT0

Hi Douglas, Yes, I actually use it to condition my hair. If you eat crabs by hand, use it to clean your fingers. It easily removes the smell. Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:54PM EDT0

How effective is lime compared to traditional deodorants?

Jun 14, 4:20AM EDT0

Hi ODavidson, I have not tried traditional deodorants myself so I could not compare. It works for more than 24 hours for me, even if I have washed it off. Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:39PM EDT0

What is the science behind how limes work as deodorant?

Jun 14, 1:57AM EDT1

Hi Ashley, It contains antibacterial properties which make it a good deodorant. Ana :)

Jun 14, 6:05PM EDT0

How much do you pay for Philippine limes?

Jun 14, 12:14AM EDT0

Hi David, Depends on the season but its average cost is around $1 a kilo. Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:28PM EDT0

What is your source for Philippine lime or products containing it?

Jun 13, 9:29PM EDT0

Hi JasonCampbell, We have a lime tree in our backyard. Products containing lime are readily available in the supermarket. Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:27PM EDT0

Are there products formulated with Philippine lime on the market?

Jun 13, 2:38PM EDT0

Hi Thomas, Yes, there are a lot of commercial soaps and shampoos that have lime in them. Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:25PM EDT0

How soon does the effect of lime as a deodorant start?

Jun 13, 1:49PM EDT0

Hi Timothy, In my case, it takes effect as soon as I apply it. Ana :)

Jun 14, 5:23PM EDT0

How did you discover this unusual use for limes?

Jun 13, 10:51AM EDT0

Hi Brenda. My sister has a lime tree in her backyard. She taught me the usefulness of this wonder fruit. If you actually pour the juice (diluted with water) on your hair after shampooing, it'll be shinier and feels refreshing too. The important oils are in the peels so once I squeeze the juice out, I rub them on my face, neck, armpits, and elbows. Ana :)

Jun 13, 11:40AM EDT0

Do you get a bad reaction to the chemicals in typical deodorants?

Jun 13, 9:14AM EDT0

Hi Levi, I have not tried using typical deodorants so I wouldn't know. However, I'm not the allergy-prone type so I doubt I'd get any reaction if I use one. Ana :)

Jun 13, 11:42AM EDT0

How do you share your story about using this natural method?

Jun 13, 7:07AM EDT0

I don't really go around sharing this. If people mention how smooth and white my armpits are, that's when I tell them my "secret" Ana :D

Jun 13, 11:34AM EDT0

Have you ever fallen for any natural product scams?

Jun 13, 6:36AM EDT0

Hi Frederick, I am aware of natural products being marketed commercially specifically through networking. Since they are priced outrageously, I only go as far as trying them once, and that is because I couldn't say no to friends who are selling them. Ana :)

Jun 14, 7:22PM EDT0

Did you choose this natural method due to principle or another reason?

Jun 13, 5:39AM EDT0

Hi Roy, I choose this method because I find it convenient and practical. I am also a believer of natural and organic products especially if they are to be applied to my skin or have to be ingested. Ana :)

Jun 14, 7:24PM EDT0

What is the typical reaction when you relate your use for limes?

Jun 13, 4:28AM EDT0

Hi Jennifer, Most of the people would agree with me since "calamansi" is very popular in my country. It is also typically used as a dipping for grilled food (combined with soy sauce and hot chili pepper) so every loves the calamansi. Ana :)

Jun 14, 7:31PM EDT0

Philippine lime is a hybrid of lime and what fruit?

Jun 13, 2:10AM EDT0

Hi, Costadawn. It is actually a hybrid of the Citrus and Fortunella variety. Ana :) 

Jun 14, 6:27PM EDT0

Have you gotten compliments about your fresh smell?

Jun 13, 1:54AM EDT0

Hi Emily, The smell is really very subtle and I have not gotten any compliments about smelling calamansi-fresh. The Philippine lime is locally known as the "calamansi" :D Ana 

Jun 14, 6:22PM EDT0

How do you prepare the lime for use as a deodorant?

Jun 13, 1:44AM EDT0

Hi Nicole37, No need for preparation, I simply apply the fruit directly on my armpits or feet after bathing. Excess juice can also be applied to the rest of your body. The peels also contain essential oils so I still find many uses for those. I sometimes leave them in a bowl of water and use it to wash my face later in the day. You can see the essential oils floating in the water if you do.  Ana :)

Jun 14, 6:17PM EDT0

What are the nutritional benefits of Philippine lime?

Jun 13, 1:04AM EDT0

Hi ZWright, Aside from being packed with Vitamin C, it also works great in detoxifying the body. Simply drink a warm glass of water upon waking up. You can also add honey to lessen the bitterness.

Jun 14, 6:10PM EDT0

Is it safe to shave your underarms prior to applying lime?

Jun 13, 1:00AM EDT0

Hi Judith, It believe it could sting if you do. Ana :)

Jun 14, 6:06PM EDT0

Does it sting when you apply lime to your skin?

Jun 12, 10:47PM EDT0

Hi Alowe, Yes, I sometimes feel a slight sting upon application especially when the weather is hot and my skin pores are open all day. Ana :)

Jun 13, 11:30AM EDT0

What other natural beauty and grooming products do you use?

Jun 12, 9:27PM EDT0

Hi JohnsonTiffany, Only limes for skin cleansing/deodorizing and virgin coconut oil for moisturizing.

Jun 13, 11:25AM EDT0

Do you ever get a skin reaction when using lime deodorant?

Jun 12, 8:56PM EDT0

Hi Scott, No, I don't get any skin reaction at all. Ana :)

Jun 13, 11:23AM EDT0

Have you been asked to give a testimonial for Philippine lime?

Jun 12, 6:38PM EDT0

Hi AguiireMichelle, No, I have not been offered to give a testimonial for anything. Too bad. Ana :D

Jun 13, 11:22AM EDT0

Do you walk around all day smelling like limes?

Jun 12, 3:28PM EDT0

Hi Jason89, No, I don't. Limes and lemons have very subtle scents, although I wouldn't mind if I do. Ana :)

Jun 13, 11:19AM EDT0

Have you tried other natural alternatives to deodorant?

Jun 12, 3:26PM EDT0

Hi Bryan, Yes, aside from the Philippine lime, I sometimes use alum powder which we call "tawas" in my country. Ana :)

Jun 13, 11:14AM EDT0

Are there any health risks of using limes for this purpose?

Jun 12, 1:44PM EDT0

Hi Joseph, I have not read nor heard about health risks associated with the use of lime as a deodorant. Ana :)

Jun 13, 11:15AM EDT0

How long-lasting are the effects of lime as a deodorant?

Jun 12, 1:13PM EDT0

Hi John, In my case, it lasts for 2 days. Ana :)

Jun 13, 11:16AM EDT0