Hello, I am currently quitting smoking after 6 years. 10 days without a cigarette. it's pretty hard but I have my family support and sometimes I find comfort in food :) Ask me anything about it

Jun 18, 2017

I feel much more energetic these days. :) And I am spending money on better things. Leave the cigarettes and maybe you will feel the same :)

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I quit August 2004! Just cold turkey. Never touched them again. Keep it up!

Jun 18, 8:21PM EDT0

Why do you think most people who try to quit fail?

Jun 18, 7:36AM EDT0

Because of the lack of character. If you start something you need to stay strong and to control your emotions and actions. Not to cry like a baby telling to others its hard :)

Jun 18, 11:14AM EDT0

Do you think cigarette companies should be held accountable?

Jun 17, 7:56PM EDT0

Cigarette companies are just business like any other. They are looking only for profit and their only goal is profit. They write on the box a few bad words about cigarettes, and then there are promotions of cigarettes, posters, and advertisements around the city :) Everybody is accountable for himself I think. I don't blame cigarette companies for anything. Because of its highly profitable business and its legal. 

Jun 18, 7:10AM EDT0

Do you belong to any support groups for smokers trying to quit?

Jun 17, 1:37PM EDT0

Not really my support group is my family :) I wasn't even aware of existence of these groups before i started this ama :)

Jun 18, 6:43AM EDT1

What are some side effects of smoking withdrawal?

Jun 17, 1:08PM EDT0

At first, I was a bit nervous, also my appetite is significantly increased. That two I consider bad things. But there is a lot more positive side effects :)

Jun 18, 6:45AM EDT0

What do you think about laws enacting public smoking bans?

Jun 17, 11:49AM EDT0

I think these laws are complete nonsense. I think it is contrary to democracy. If is legal to buy, sell and consume cigarettes it's completely stupid from the government to tell you where you can, and can't do it :) For example, If that law comes to Serbia nobody will obey it.

Jun 18, 6:50AM EDT0

What do you usually do when you feel an urge to smoke?

Jun 17, 10:58AM EDT0

I go for a walk or go to my friend's house because he is a non-smoker and I distract myself by talking with him or my GF :)

Jun 17, 11:45AM EDT0

What changes have you noticed since quitting smoking?

Jun 17, 8:33AM EDT0

I find myself much more happy about small things :) I have more energy, and for example, when I drink coffee or eat a sandwich or any other meal or drink I feel much more tastes. :)

Jun 18, 7:12AM EDT0

What was the biggest sacrifice you made as a smoker?

Jun 17, 7:47AM EDT0

Besides smoking, before I also had one big vice and that is gambling. A couple of times it happens to me that I go to Casino and lose my all salary. And I used to gamble and be inside casino a lot without food and drinks. And then I go home after losing all my money with just 5 euro in my pocket, and then I pass by a couple of fast food stores and buy cigarettes even though I feel hungry. That's some serious and crazy sacrifice when i think about it now :)

Jun 18, 7:03AM EDT0

Do you think smokers are unfairly stigmatized today?

Jun 17, 7:30AM EDT0

I don't think so :) Usually, people who are stigmatized are in the big minority, but these days I don't even believe that there is a lot more non-smokers than smokers. When i think better i am not even sure that i know more non-smokers than smokers :)

Jun 18, 6:58AM EDT0

Did you ever lose a friendship or romantic relationship due to smoking?

Jun 17, 4:59AM EDT0

Nope :) but when I was younger and a non-smoker I had a girlfriend who smoked. I didn't like that, and recently when I was smoking my girlfriend didn't like that either. As for friends I never lose a friend because of smoking, couple of times I disappointed a friend because of cigarettes because I told them that I am stopping and I didn't but never I lose a friend :)

Jun 18, 6:54AM EDT0

How much money do you expect to save after quitting smoking?

Jun 17, 2:35AM EDT0

I live in Serbia where cigarettes are cheapest in all Europe I think for a pack of Marllboro you need to give 2 euro while in European Union countries you need to give 5 euro :) I used to smoke around 10 packs a week so 10 pack multiplied by 4 weeks is around 80 euro a month :) That sounds like really small amount but in Serbia average monthly wage is around 250 e so here that is good saving :)

Jun 17, 6:41AM EDT0

When do you most miss your smoking habit?

Jun 17, 2:21AM EDT0

Morning coffee time :D And few days ago i was on small lake on fishing i found it extremely hard not to smoke :)

Jun 17, 6:54AM EDT0

What commercial smoking cessation aids have you tried?

Jun 17, 2:03AM EDT0

I buy a bundle of lollipops and chewing gums :) I keep my mouth busy :D also I noticed that I eat more than when I use to smoke. If this you can consider commercial smoking cessation aids :)

Jun 17, 6:31AM EDT0

What have you replaced your smoking habit with?

Jun 17, 12:54AM EDT0

Everything I like to do now I do more often :) I go to ride a bicycle, play table tenis, and go for long walks. :) I avoid to drink beer or any alcoholic beverage because I used to smoke a lot when I drink :) 

Jun 17, 6:28AM EDT0

Were you close to anyone who died of smoking-related causes?

Jun 16, 10:51PM EDT0

Fortunately, I did not. That would be a big wake up call for me for sure.

Jun 17, 6:25AM EDT0

What are some triggers that tempt you to smoke?

Jun 16, 10:44PM EDT0

Triggers are smoking rituals. That means that each time when I do something which I used to do with cigarette is a hard time for me and a great challenge :) Some of the things I can reduce but some I am still doing and at this time is the hardest to don't light up a cigar :) For example drinking coffee,after each meal, after *** :) etc

Jun 17, 6:24AM EDT0

When will you know that you've quit smoking for good?

Jun 16, 10:41PM EDT0

haha :) interesting :) I don't know maybe in a couple of months.

Jun 17, 6:19AM EDT0

How long does it take nicotine to leave your system?

Jun 16, 8:20PM EDT0

That process is relatively fast. It actually needs just about 48 hours for nicotine to leave your system but full body and health recovery goes on much longer. After 2 weeks will improve, it will be even better after 10 weeks. For 3-4 months problems with coughing and respiratory tract will reduce because lungs capacity will go up by 10%. After one year risk of getting a heart attack is reduced by 50%. After 5 years risk of getting a stroke will be same like with non-smokers. For 10 years risk of getting lung cancer will be same like with non-smokers. etc :)

Jun 17, 6:18AM EDT0

How many times have you tried to smoke before?

Jun 16, 8:17PM EDT0

You mean to quit smoking probably? :) but if you really ask about how many times I tried to smoke my answer is whenever i tried i continued to smoke :) few times i stopped but only for a couple of weeks or days :)

Jun 17, 6:33AM EDT0

How would you compare quitting smoking to quitting other vices?

Jun 16, 8:17PM EDT0

Beside smoking my only vice which I was addicted to was gambling. I found it really hard to quit for both of these vices. :) If you think logically smoking have both physical and mentally segment of addiction. And gambling only mentally so maybe I could say smoking is harder to leave, but I am not sure about that :) because it was quite a struggle to leave gambling too :)

Jun 17, 6:37AM EDT0

Is there a group like Al-Anon for smokers who are quitting?

Jun 16, 7:04PM EDT0

:D very interesting question, I never thought about it. Now you mentioned it I checked it on google and actually, there are groups like that. Also, there are many counseling centers, blogs and forums with tips, etc :) 

Jun 17, 5:48AM EDT0

What anti-smoking ad campaigns do you consider most effective?

Jun 16, 6:56PM EDT0

Videos in which is shown what happen to your lungs I found most effective anti-smoking campaign :) Also there is a lot of art ideas and illustrations of what smoking do to your body :)

Jun 17, 6:11AM EDT0

How did smoking affect your health, and how big a factor was that?

Jun 16, 5:55PM EDT0

I am asthmatic since I was young. Sa it was a big factor for me. Because of the cigarettes I often felt exhausted even when I didn't do anything hard. Lately, I started to smoke almost two packs a day, then I noticed that I get tired of the things I used to work without any difficulty. That was the moment I decided to stop.

Jun 17, 5:44AM EDT0

What do you consider the best smoking cessation methods?

Jun 16, 5:40PM EDT0

Keep your mind and body busy :) especially parts of the body you used for smoking :) Now I always have a chewing gum, lollipop or toothpick in my mouth (like a hillbilly) :D That is advice that seems to be working. But the best method is to tell yourself that you are quitting and just to respect your word.

Jun 17, 5:40AM EDT0

What were the particulars of your personal smoking ritual?

Jun 16, 5:36PM EDT0

Rituals are hardest parts of quitting smoking. :) For example, I drink coffee every morning and every morning I smoke during my coffee time for six years. Also, I always smoke after every meal, especially lunch. And one of the favorites is every smoker's favorite, I think if you are a smoker you know what I mean :) So I decided to reduce coffee :) before I used to had at least 3 coffee every day. Now I drink only one.

Jun 17, 5:37AM EDT0

How has smoking impacted your personal relationships?

Jun 16, 5:23PM EDT0

It never ruined any of my relationships but I had girlfriends which were not happy about my smoking habits. :)

Jun 17, 6:56AM EDT0

How do you think the stereotype of smokers has changed?

Jun 16, 5:14PM EDT0

In Serbia, for example, people before used to care much more about what church tells to people. A lot of priests said before that smoking is a remarkable sin because is slow suicide and suicide is the biggest sin. But I think now stereotype of smokers don't even exist anymore :)

Jun 17, 6:53AM EDT0

What is the biggest reward of quitting smoking?

Jun 16, 5:03PM EDT0

The biggest reward is that my energy is back :D now I feel much more energetic than when I used to smoke. Also, I can save some money and go out for a dinner with my GF, or for a couple of drinks with my friends more than before. And that I consider reward also :)

Jun 17, 6:07AM EDT0

How do you think employers view applicants who smoke?

Jun 16, 4:41PM EDT0

For employers, time is money. So if you smoke you need at least 2 or 3 cigarettes per shift and 5 minutes for each. So I think they see smokers like people who waste their money more than non-smokers. :)

Jun 17, 5:28AM EDT0

What kind of discrimination did you face as a smoker?

Jun 16, 4:23PM EDT0

I don't like new European Union laws about smoking in public places. These laws are more and more present in my country also. I feel discriminated if someone orders me to don't do something I like in public places. If anybody doesn't like smoke coming out from a cigarette go to another place :) Situation when I went somewhere and wasn't allowed to smoke were the only discrimination I face :)

Jun 17, 6:04AM EDT0

What is the biggest reason you wanted to quit?

Jun 16, 4:22PM EDT0

I tried several times before and I always start again. I started to disappoint people around me. They told me couple of times that I don't have strong character so beside of my health, the main reason why I am so persistent to quit is to prove that i can do it :)

Jun 17, 5:26AM EDT0

Who do you hold most accountable for cigarette addiction?

Jun 16, 4:19PM EDT0

Both of my parents and all my friends and environment are smokers so I may have found a role model in them. But since I am also asthmatic I find accountable only me for addiction, because that was really stupid thing to do :)

Jun 17, 4:51AM EDT0

Have you ever tried to quit smoking cold turkey?

Jun 16, 3:35PM EDT0

Couple of times :) and never it didn't go well :) I always begin again.

Jun 17, 4:41AM EDT0

Did any particular person inspire you to quit?

Jun 16, 3:01PM EDT0

My mother was an inspiration to me. She quit also after more than 15 years of smoking. Just one day she woke up and she told me that she is quitting, she also had around 10 cigarettes left in her pack so half pack. She throws that and since then she is a non-smoker. I tell to myself if she can i can do it also :)

Jun 17, 5:51AM EDT0

How did smoking affect your professional working life?

Jun 16, 2:33PM EDT0

It's hard when you work on hard pressure positions and you are a smoker and you don't have time for a cigarette. For example, I was kitchen helper in a very busy restaurant with a small kitchen. Sometimes I didn't have time for a cigarette all shift and then I become very nervous and make small mistakes during my work. So smoking really can affect your professional working life :)

Jun 17, 4:37AM EDT0

How much of a choice is smoking, and how much is it an addiction?

Jun 16, 2:19PM EDT0

In the beginning is 100% choice, and after is becoming a bit of addiction physically or mentally but addiction is present for sure. But if you have a strong character you can do whatever you imagine. For example, i know one older guy who was both hard alcoholic and smoker and just one morning he tells to hiss family I am leaving both alcohol and cigarettes and he did. So the quote "what mind believes the body achieves" i consider true 

Jun 17, 4:24AM EDT0

Can you recommend any self-help books for smokers?

Jun 16, 2:14PM EDT0

Me personally never read anything like that, but I have a neighbour which recommended to me "Easy way to stop smoking" by Alen Kar. She told me that is really helpful :) by the way, that neighbor stopped for around 6 months after reading it but now she is smoker again :)

Jun 17, 5:55AM EDT0

Why is quitting something cold turkey a good or bad idea?

Jun 16, 2:13PM EDT0

I think that quitting something cold turkey is better than doing slowly or "step by step". Doctors advice to smokers is actually that if they are hard smokers is more healthy to quit smoking slowly so your organism the body does not suffer shock. In Serbia, we have one folk proverb: What you can do today do not leave for tomorrow. I always lived like that and i did the same with quitting smoking :)

Jun 17, 6:00AM EDT0