Hello, my name is Dorismar, I'm a 23 years old medical student, and right now I'm doing a project about preventing diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in my local community. Ask me anything

Dorismar Rojas
Jun 16, 2017

Once, a teacher asked us: what's the most dangerous animal in the world?

Everyone where saying things like "Lions!" "Snakes!" "A white shark!" he just laughted and say "No, the most dangerous animal is not even 2 inches long, and can be found everywhere... is the mosquitoe", and he couldn't be anymore right, mosquitoes are risponsible for transmitting letal deseases such as Yellow fever and Malaria, and can reproduce even in a leaf with a bit of water in it. My team and I are working in our local community to help prevent diseases like that, you can ask me anything you want to know about the diseases or how to prevent them and what to do to help your community

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Do insect repellents have any negative effects on the human body?

Jun 18, 7:13AM EDT0

Insect repellents are important public health tools for the prevention of vector-borne infectious diseases. Technically, an insect repellent is any chemical -- natural or synthetic -- that causes insects or other arthropods to make directed, oriented movements away from the source of repellent. Repellents have prevented countless cases of malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, and other mosquito-borne diseases. However, in recent years, concerns about the potential adverse health effects of insect repellents have increased, especially for those containing N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide, also known as deet. There has been some reports of systemic reactions from repeated cutaneous exposure to deet. For example, in 6 girls ranging in age from 17 months to 8 years, behavioral changes, ataxia, encephalopathy, seizures, and/or coma developed after repeated cutaneous exposure to deet; 3 subsequently died.

Jun 18, 1:34PM EDT0

I work as a scuba instructor on the coast near an actual jungle - mosquitos galore! I do a lot of my teaching in a pool where products like Deet work just fine before I get into the water. However, as soon as I exit the pool I become an instant buffet for thousands of the little blighters. Are you able to recommend anything I can I do (like maybe eating more garlic) to make myself less appetising to these little vampires? 

Jun 17, 1:44PM EDT0

Hi!, thats an interesting question, as you can see the most waterproof part of most products is the bottle they come in haha I'd recomed you to apply more repellent once you get out of the water, some of those products are not "waterproof" just water resistent (like sweating or getting splashed) and they generally say to reapply after you've been in the water and they're not really meant for long immersion, you can also use natural products like sesame oil (if you don't mind going smelling like a chinese restaurant haha) or citronella oil. Be careful with repellant around the corals too, all those poisons wash off in the water and can damage the environment. Try something natural like those oils I mentioned, they are not as hurtful to the ecosystem. I hope it helps!

Jun 17, 2:34PM EDT1

Thanks for the quick reply. Sadly I find that I only exit the water for about five minutes before jumping back in and reapplying repelent every time I get out of the pool would quickly become very repetitive (and expensive).

Unfortunately you are totally correct with regards to the corals taking damage due to the poisons we use on our skin. Even "ecological" sunblocks do some serious damage to the reefs as it all ends up on the plantlife preventing photosynthesis.

Jun 18, 7:17PM EDT1

hello, how to prevent mosquitoes during a nap outdoor without using chemicals like mosquito coils?

Jun 17, 1:03AM EDT0

I wouldn't recommed you to use mosquito coils since they can affect you respiratory system, causing allergic reactions, cough, asthma, and they can be dangerous if used too much, you should better us spray repellents like Off or other brands :)

Jun 17, 11:33AM EDT0

There is a special treatment against dengue when is applied to old people (+70 years old)? my grandma's best friend have it and we are worried. She is a cool grandma too, she always have excellent jokes to share.

Jun 17, 12:17AM EDT0

There isn't any special treatment, just have some rest and treat the simptoms with analgesics and drink a lot of water, also make sure of write down all the jokes so we can use them later, we'll need them

Jun 17, 1:02PM EDT0

Can medicines help once someone is infected with the diseases?

Jun 15, 1:34PM EDT0

Of course, if it is treatable

Jun 16, 8:54PM EDT0

What are some deseases transmitted by mosquitoes that are incurable?

Jun 17, 12:25AM EDT0

Are mosquitos able to infect other types of mammals?

Jun 15, 10:44AM EDT0

Yes! dogs can get heart worms

Jun 16, 8:54PM EDT0

Is a bite the only way the mosquito can spread the disease?

Jun 15, 4:41AM EDT0


Jun 16, 8:54PM EDT0

Is any of your family in medical related fields?

Jun 14, 10:10PM EDT0

My brother is a Dentist, that's the closest

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Jun 16, 8:52PM EDT0

Why didn't you follow his steps?

Jun 18, 12:26AM EDT0

Can other mammals get the same kind of infections from mosquitos?

Jun 14, 5:02PM EDT0

Yes! dogs can get heart worms

Jun 16, 8:51PM EDT0

How common are mosquito transmitted disease occurrences?

Jun 14, 1:04PM EDT0

In the raining season they can be common

Jun 16, 8:53PM EDT0

What is the most common disease transmitted by mosquitos?

Jun 14, 10:44AM EDT0


Jun 16, 8:50PM EDT0

How dangerous is it? I'm going to Indonesia soon. It worries me a lot...

Jun 17, 1:13AM EDT0

Are you doing any research in the hospitals?

Jun 14, 10:42AM EDT0

Yes, our local hospital provide us with some information

Jun 16, 8:50PM EDT0

How long does it take to tell if you have a mosquito transmitted disease?

Jun 14, 7:43AM EDT0

About 4 to 10 days most cases

Jun 16, 8:49PM EDT0

How long have you been working on your project?

Jun 13, 10:50PM EDT0

A month

Jun 16, 8:48PM EDT0

How long will it last then?

Jun 17, 4:21AM EDT0

Are there any inventions that will stop the transmission of diseases?

Jun 13, 8:36PM EDT0

I'm not aware of any, of course the vaccination it's really important to prevent the transmission of diseases such as yellow fever

Jun 16, 8:47PM EDT0

Have there been any mosquito related deaths in your community?

Jun 13, 4:55PM EDT0

Thankfully not

Jun 16, 8:45PM EDT0

Is it potentially possible?

Jun 17, 4:46PM EDT0

What is the specific field that you are going into?

Jun 13, 12:10PM EDT0

You mean after I graduate? thats a tough one hahah, I like plastic surgery, but I would also love to work in Epidemiology, I find it really interesting and important, most colleagues don't really like it haha

Jun 16, 8:45PM EDT0

What are some of the ways to prevent the diseases?

Jun 13, 10:26AM EDT0

Keeping water containers well closed, using insecticide, taking care of your pets so they don't have thicks (they can also transmit diseases to humans) controling plagues like rats and "domestic mouse" (they carry thicks) ans most important educating people, so they learn to do all this stuff

Jun 16, 8:42PM EDT0

How important is the use mosquito repellents?

Jun 17, 2:32AM EDT0

What time of year do most people get affected by these transmittable diseases?

Jun 13, 8:57AM EDT0

People are more at risk in the raining season

Jun 16, 8:39PM EDT0

What area of the world do you live in?

Jun 13, 6:35AM EDT0

I live in the north of south America, in Venezuela, a tropical country, we have part of the Amazon! haha

Jun 16, 8:38PM EDT0

Is the project going to be part of your grade?

Jun 13, 6:11AM EDT0

Yes, it is called "community service" it is mandatory to finish college in my country

Jun 16, 8:37PM EDT0

Are all mosquitos able to transmit diseases and infect humans?

Jun 13, 5:43AM EDT0

Only female mosquitoes bite.

Jun 16, 8:36PM EDT0

Oh. Why so?

Jun 17, 1:13AM EDT0

Are you interviewing patients in local hospitals for your project?

Jun 13, 5:28AM EDT0

No, we're just working with the community

Jun 16, 8:35PM EDT0

Are you going to medical school to be a doctor?

Jun 13, 3:10AM EDT0

Yes I am

Jun 16, 8:34PM EDT0

How many ways are diseases transmitted by mosquitos?

Jun 13, 1:17AM EDT0

Only by bites

Jun 16, 8:28PM EDT0

What percentage of the population is affected by the diseases?

Jun 13, 12:37AM EDT0

Global population? That's a lot! According to WHO, Malaria is endemic in 91 countries, with about 40% of the world's population at risk. Dengue is the world's most important mosquito-borne virus disease, with 2500 million people worldwide at risk of infection and 20 million cases a year in more than 100 countries.

Many major cities of the world, especially in the Americas, are at risk of potentially devastating epidemics of yellow fever because they are infested with Aedes aegypti mosquitos which can transmit the disease.

Jun 16, 8:34PM EDT0

How long can the diseases live inside the mosquito host?

Jun 12, 11:51PM EDT0

Until the mosquito dies, females (the ones that bite and transmit the diseases) can live about six to eight weeks, under ideal conditions.

Jun 16, 8:26PM EDT0

Are older people more at risk for transmission of the diseases?

Jun 12, 1:00PM EDT0

It is well known that small children and older people usually are at more risk, but when it comes to mosquitoes, everyone is at risk

Jun 16, 8:23PM EDT0

Do the bites from infected mosquitos look different from non-infected bites?

Jun 12, 12:25PM EDT0

They look just the same :)

Jun 16, 8:18PM EDT0

What is the most dangerous disease transmitted by mosquitos?

Jun 12, 8:15AM EDT0

They all are dangerous if not properly treated, but I think Malaria, dengue, zika, west nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis and yellow fever could be my top

Jun 16, 8:21PM EDT0

When will you be finishing your studies in medical school?

Jun 12, 7:05AM EDT0

In around 3 years

Jun 16, 8:18PM EDT0

Can some of these diseases transmitted by mosquitos be fatal?

Jun 12, 6:53AM EDT0

Yes! Malaria, yellow fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Zika when transmitted to the fetus (cases of microcephaly, a congenital defect of cranium and brain size resulting in profound neurological defects in newborns usually resulting in death)

Jun 16, 8:17PM EDT0

Can the mosquitos spread the disease to other mosquitos?

Jun 12, 4:47AM EDT0

There are some studies that proved that infected Aedes aegypti deposits eggs with ability to transmit the dengue virus

Last edited @ Jun 16, 8:13PM EDT.
Jun 16, 8:13PM EDT0

Have you had to study any blood samples for your project?

Jun 12, 4:10AM EDT0

Not yet, thankfully we haven't encounter any cases of dengue or other diseases that require blood samples

Jun 16, 8:06PM EDT0

Are mosquitoes a prevalent problem in your community?

Jun 12, 2:27AM EDT0

Right now they are, we are in the middle of raining season so mosquitoes go crazy haha, and deseases like dengue, zika and chikungunya arise, and since local autorities don't do anything to prevent them, we are helping to do so, working with health instiutions going house by house delivering products that people put in the water containers so mosquitoes can't put their eggs in there, also since basics services like water aren't good, people tend to have more than two water containers in their houses, wich works as perfect breeding place for mosquitoes

Jun 16, 8:05PM EDT0

How long will it be before your project is finished?

Jun 12, 1:57AM EDT0

I think the field work will be finished in about two months, then we have to do all the paper work that comes after

Jun 16, 7:50PM EDT0

Are the diseases transmitted more between any demographic?

Jun 12, 1:36AM EDT0

Yes, there are some diseases that are more transmitted in rural regions, specially when their basic services such as water are not good, like malaria and Chagas disease, when people have farms and work with close to animals such as cows, sheeps, horses, they are in more risk of getting infected, so the demographics have a great impact in this.

Jun 16, 7:48PM EDT0

Did you always know you wanted to be in medicine?

Jun 12, 12:13AM EDT0

I think so, when I was like 5 I wanted to be a teacher, but I think most kids go trough that haha, but I got interested in medicine and I couldn't picture myself doing anything else, I love it!

Jun 16, 7:41PM EDT0

Are you working with any other class members for your project?

Jun 11, 11:56PM EDT0

Yes! in fact we are a team of 10 students

Jun 16, 7:39PM EDT0