Hello, my name is Dorismar, I'm a 23 years old medical student, and right now I'm doing a project about preventing diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in my local community. Ask me anything

Dorismar Rojas
Jun 16, 2017

Once, a teacher asked us: what's the most dangerous animal in the world?

Everyone where saying things like "Lions!" "Snakes!" "A white shark!" he just laughted and say "No, the most dangerous animal is not even 2 inches long, and can be found everywhere... is the mosquitoe", and he couldn't be anymore right, mosquitoes are risponsible for transmitting letal deseases such as Yellow fever and Malaria, and can reproduce even in a leaf with a bit of water in it. My team and I are working in our local community to help prevent diseases like that, you can ask me anything you want to know about the diseases or how to prevent them and what to do to help your community

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