Hey, guys! I'm Mony! I had an eating disorder, a binge eating disorder for years. I was eating huge amounts of unhealthy food and couldn't control it. I was overweight my whole life. Now I am a new person - eating healthy, exercising, working for my dream body. So Ask Me Anything!

Jun 21, 2017

Having an eating disorder made my life a living hell for over a 10 years. I was eating too much, unhealthy food, I was waking up in the middle of the night craving for somethin sweet, shaking if I couldn't get it. Awful thing. The kilograms were going higher and I wasn't feeling good at all physicaly and mentaly. It was time for a change. I changed my mind and now I'm having great results. Ask Me Anything and I will share my story with all of you!

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Do you log your foods so you know when you have a slip up?

Jun 20, 8:52PM EDT0

I used to do it before till I learn what exactly the calorie intake is, but now I don't log it. Sometimes I have cheat meals, but I guess this is normal. For a sugar addict one meal per week is a good start. Once a week I eat a chocolate or a cake.

Jun 21, 1:29AM EDT0

Have you suffered from any other eating disorders?

Jun 19, 1:18PM EDT0

No, I only suffered from anxiety and depression in the past. 

Jun 20, 12:17AM EDT0

How many pounds have you lost so far?

Jun 19, 12:39PM EDT0

From 1st of January I lost 10kg. I was 71kg, now 61 :-) 

Jun 20, 12:16AM EDT0

What was the first step in taking control of your eating?

Jun 18, 11:28AM EDT0

I actually changed my life - I moved out from my parents home and that was the time I took control over my whole life. I was eating mostly at night, so I stoped keeping sweets and chocolate at home and I started cooking for myslef and my boyfriend and with little steps I changed a lot of things.

Jun 18, 4:53PM EDT0

Do you lack self control in other areas of your life?

Jun 18, 10:31AM EDT0

No, that's the strange thing - I am actually a controling freak. I don't know how I missed this.

Jun 18, 4:51PM EDT0

Do you think you will ever relapse back into binge eating?

Jun 18, 6:39AM EDT0

Oh, I hope not to. I have my ups and downs, but I really hope tgis was the end of it.

Jun 18, 8:49AM EDT0

When did you realize you had a binge eating problem?

Jun 17, 8:48PM EDT0

Actually one year ago. I always knew something isn't right with my eating, but I never paid close attention. One year ago I was reading an article about it and then I realized it was all about me.

Jun 17, 9:54PM EDT0

Do other people in your family have eating disorders?

Jun 17, 3:37PM EDT0

No, nobody. It's just me. My parents and my brother have normal eating habbits.

Jun 17, 5:42PM EDT0

How you do keep yourself accountable with regards to your eating?

Jun 17, 6:08AM EDT0

It comes naturaly now. I have my ups and downs sometime, but I guess it's normal.

Jun 17, 5:43PM EDT0

Do you have any other mental health disorders?

Jun 17, 12:48AM EDT0

Yes, I had anxiety and depression before.

Jun 17, 5:17AM EDT0

Do you think it would have been OK if you were binging on ‘healthy’ food?

Jun 16, 11:03PM EDT0

It's deffinitely better, but binging with any food is not good for the body.

Jun 17, 5:17AM EDT0

Would you consider yourself ‘cured’ from your binge eating disorder?

Jun 16, 9:48PM EDT0

No, not at all. Sometimes I'm overating, but it's very rare and I'm trying to control it.

Jun 17, 5:02AM EDT0

What unhealthy food did you eat the most of?

Jun 16, 9:19PM EDT0

Chocolate and sweet things. I am a sugar addict.

Jun 17, 5:00AM EDT0

How much do you exercise?

Jun 16, 8:24PM EDT0

In a normal week I exercise 6 times for about 30-40 minutes per day.

Jun 17, 4:59AM EDT0

Do you take frequent progress pictures to measure your progress over time?

Jun 16, 6:53PM EDT0

Yeah, I make pictures from time to time, because it is great to see the results. My collegues are telling me all the time I'm looking great and I really feel it, but pictures are a great way too.

Jun 17, 4:58AM EDT0

What is your definition of unhealthy food?

Jun 16, 2:23PM EDT0

Well I eat a lot of chocolate and sweet things. I love pizza, french fries and etc. Mostly fast food too. All of these foods caused me many health problems, thst's why I call them unhealthy.

Jun 16, 4:48PM EDT0

How long did you suffer from this eating disorder before looking for help?

Jun 16, 10:36AM EDT0

I think I have it frim my early years when I was a little child. My grandmother told me that I was eating only sweet things in these years and it became a sugar addiction. Now I am 26 years old and I took control in my hands.

Jun 16, 4:46PM EDT0

Are you still considered to be overweight at all?

Jun 16, 10:19AM EDT0

I can't say I am at my perfect form now, but I am deffinitely not overweight. I have something here and there and it's okay, becsuse my purpose isn't to be skiny.

Jun 16, 4:44PM EDT0

Did your doctor influence you to change your eating habits?

Jun 16, 7:37AM EDT0

No, the decision was all mine. I didn't even giving it so much thought for a long time, but in one moment my closest people told me I should stop and do something.

Jun 16, 4:43PM EDT0

Do you cook most of your own meals now?

Jun 16, 2:52AM EDT0

Yes and I learned to find healthy versions of my favorite desserts. Of course sometimes I ear outside, but most of the time I cook. 

Jun 16, 3:44AM EDT0

Have you already had to go out and buy all new clothes?

Jun 15, 8:40PM EDT0

Oh yes, it was one of the many good parts.

Jun 15, 11:04PM EDT0

Do you fear having a lot of sagging skin after a lot of weight loss?

Jun 15, 9:23AM EDT0

Yes, of course. But never happened to me. I only have stretch marks, but I see them as warriors mark and and they don't bother me.

Jun 15, 10:21AM EDT0

At what age did you first become obese?

Jun 15, 1:02AM EDT0

I had problems from the early years when I was only 10. I had my ups and downs through all this time. Three years ago I was almost 90kg. Now I am 61kg.

Jun 15, 3:56AM EDT0

Do you think there was an underlying cause to your binge eating?

Jun 14, 11:39PM EDT0

I am sure there was a reason, but I still don't kniw what exactly is. Maybe it's caused by stress.

Jun 14, 11:55PM EDT0

What health problems do you have because of your eating?

Jun 14, 11:37PM EDT0

I am not sure this is connected, but I had anxiety and depression. An even now when I eat to much I am not feeling well.

Jun 14, 11:54PM EDT0

Have you seen a psychologist to help with your binge eating?

Jun 14, 8:03PM EDT0

I was going for my depression, but we talked about this problem too.

Jun 14, 11:50PM EDT0

Did you have a binge eating problem as a child?

Jun 14, 7:31PM EDT0

Yes, it all started when I was 16.

Jun 14, 11:49PM EDT0

How old were you when you decided to change your eating habits?

Jun 14, 5:19PM EDT0

I am trying for years, but I'm on this healthier path for six months.

Jun 14, 10:28PM EDT0

How long have you been on this new healthier path?

Jun 14, 4:05PM EDT0

From six months. Of course I had my ups and downs. Every month I have 2-3 cheat days, but I am trying to control my eating.

Jun 14, 10:27PM EDT0

Have you gotten bloodwork to confirm that you are in fact healthier now?

Jun 14, 2:28PM EDT0

Yes, my blood test showed that everything is fine now.

Jun 14, 10:26PM EDT0

Do you have to entirely avoid trigger foods?

Jun 14, 1:45PM EDT0

Well yes, but I am a sugar addict and it's been really hard. I learned to make healthy alternatives to my faborite desserts.

Jun 14, 10:25PM EDT0

Do you find tracking your caloric intake to be helpful?

Jun 14, 1:15PM EDT0

I used to do it for a long time and maybe helps, but people should't obsses with this. Now I don't count, but of course I know approximately how much I eat.

Jun 14, 1:47PM EDT0

Are you putting in any effort to gain muscle and strength while you are losing weight?

Jun 14, 12:22PM EDT0

Yes, I'm weight lifting once or twice a week. 

Jun 14, 12:47PM EDT0

How many days per week do you go to the gym?

Jun 14, 11:44AM EDT0

I train 5-6 times a week, now at home with Nike Training Club app. It's really easy.

Jun 14, 11:51AM EDT0

How long until you achieve your dream body?

Jun 14, 10:59AM EDT0

Well I was always up and down. Now I lost 10 kilos again up and down from the beginning of the year. I was 71kg. on 1st of January, now I am 61.5kg.

Jun 14, 11:13AM EDT0