Hi I'm Geycel a pediatric nurse for four years. I am also 20 weeks pregnant for my first baby. I experience bleeding in my first trimester. Ask me anything about being cautious in my health and taking care of my body and the baby.

Geycel Marie Barbarona Nabong
Oct 11, 2017

Hello! I am now 5 months pregnant for my first baby. It was a little bit scary because I experience bleeding in my first trimester and I don't know how to handle the pregnancy first, it is very different when you're actually experiencing it compared to reading books and seeeing you're patients. But thru the help of my parents and consulting to the ob-gynecologist it lessen my worries.  Now, I am 20 weeks pregnant and excited to see my baby to be born. 

Ask me anything on how to take care of your body as well as the baby.


Geycel Marie Barbarona Nabong says:

This AMA will end Oct 11, 2017 8PM EDT

Geycel Marie Barbarona Nabong says:

This AMA will end Oct 16, 2017 8PM EDT

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is it a boy or a girl? Does the baby have a name already?

Oct 11, 8:06PM EDT0

What measures did you have to take after the spotting started? What do you recommened to other women that are expieriencing the same issues? 

Oct 10, 10:07PM EDT0

Have you considered doing prenatal yoga? I've heard it's extremely good for you and the baby and makes labor much easier (as far as labor goes).

Oct 5, 4:02PM EDT0

Did you stop working during that time?

Oct 1, 8:45AM EDT0

Is it normal to spot during pregnancy?

Sep 30, 11:18PM EDT0

No, its not normal at all. You need to restrict yourself from lifting heavy objects, running, walking long distance etc. 

Oct 1, 9:43AM EDT0

Where you worried that you might have a miscarriage?

Sep 30, 8:12PM EDT0


I am always worry about the condition of my baby. But now I am doing fine no spotting anymore.

Oct 1, 9:40AM EDT0

Have you changed your lifestyle once you found out that you're pregnant?

Sep 30, 9:26AM EDT0


Yes, totally there is a big change before I engaged myself in mountain climbing, swimming, and running but now I have to stay in bed and restrict myself in doing those kinds of activities.

Sep 30, 10:14AM EDT0

What did the doctors advise you to do?

Sep 30, 7:26AM EDT0

The doctor advice me to have a bed rest, avoid sexual contact and drink a lot of water.  

Sep 30, 10:09AM EDT0

I had a similar experience to you and I was given all kinds of advice, from just staying in bed and not moving, lifting, etc. but in the end I just continued as normal and everything turned out fine. Are you still working too?

Sep 30, 4:02AM EDT0

Yes, I am still working. I travel 30mins going to work. I still continue doing things except for lifting, and exposing myself to a lot of people to avoid infection.

Sep 30, 10:07AM EDT0

Hi, I empathize with you. I can remember my midwife was pregnant when my daughter was born and I asked her if she sees this every day, is she not scared about giving birth and she just laughed and said, I don't think people would go back for a 2nd, 3rd or more kids if it was that bad. It really made me think and calmed me down. Do you have similar fears?

Sep 29, 4:51PM EDT0


Yes , were very the same.  Everytime I think about labor and delivery it gets me nervous and freak out. I always asked my friends how painful it is. I sometimes watched youtube about giving birth but my husband told me not to entertain those feelings I just need to be ready and healthy.

Sep 30, 10:05AM EDT0

Do you think you have an advantage over first time parents being a pediatric nurse?

Sep 29, 3:08PM EDT0


Yes I think so, because I already have knowledge on how to take care of my newborn baby soon.

Sep 30, 9:12AM EDT0

Is being a pediatric nurse fun? Is it something you've always wanted to do?

Sep 29, 1:54PM EDT0

Yes it is fun. I always wanted to be E.R nurse but I landed to be a pediatric nurse but then I learn to love my work.

Sep 30, 9:11AM EDT0

Are you under stress? DId you mother have a similar problem?

Sep 29, 11:24AM EDT0

A bit I still work as a nurse and also I have my online job in my free time. My mom had a very healthy pregnancy.

Sep 30, 9:09AM EDT0

Did the doctors tell you why you were bleeding?

Sep 29, 6:12AM EDT0

Yes, my bleeding is due to the changes of my cervix.  My ob told me that I don't need to be worry for as long as I am taking my medicines.

Sep 29, 9:38AM EDT0

Where are you from and what hospital do you work at?

Sep 29, 6:02AM EDT0

I am from Philippines. I work in a government hospital.

Sep 29, 9:39AM EDT0

Do you workout on a daily basis during pregnancy?

Sep 29, 5:53AM EDT0


My OB advice me to have a bed rest for 3months.  I am not allowed to workout maybe in my third trimester.

Sep 29, 9:42AM EDT0

How do you feel about vaccinations for your baby?

Sep 29, 12:57AM EDT0

I am more feel secure that my baby is doing ok inside my tummy.

Sep 29, 9:43AM EDT0

What causes bleeding during early pregnancy?

Sep 28, 9:57PM EDT0

Hello kelly! Some are infections like gonorhea, herpes, and chlamydia. Implantation bleeding is also one of the cause.

Sep 29, 9:29AM EDT0

Will you have your baby in the hospital where you work?

Sep 28, 8:36PM EDT0

We have a birthing clinic near at home so it is more accessible for me to deliver my baby. 

Sep 29, 9:17AM EDT0

Did you have cramps too or just bleeding?

Sep 28, 7:03PM EDT0

Yes,  I experienced abdominal cramps and bleeding.

Sep 29, 9:08AM EDT0

Do you think you handle your own personal medical issues less seriously then those who are not in the medical field?

Sep 28, 11:44AM EDT0


Every steps of my pregnancy is not easy and I want to help those first time mother get thru the same situation. Though I have knowledge about what to do still it gives me peace of mind when I do my regular check up. 

Sep 28, 12:11PM EDT0
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