Hi lovely people, My name is Jane and I practice Pilates twice a week. There are so many reasons to try Pilates - increasing your flexibility, to be fit and feel better. I have been doing Pilates for a year now. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 16, 2017

How you feel after your workout?

Do you have any favorite sport?

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What made you get into Pilates? How did you find out about that?

Jun 18, 7:37AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Junior! Well, I weigh 82 lbs (37 kg.)and I didn't want exhausting sport. I was afraid of losing weight. I decided to choose sport for tight my body.

Jun 20, 6:35AM EDT0

Do you have small children, and do they practice pilates with you?

Jun 16, 11:22AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Michael84! I don't have children yet, but one day, why not. I dream to sport together.

Jun 20, 6:36AM EDT0

What should I buy, equipment-wise and clothing-wise, if I wanted to try pilates?

Jun 16, 4:00AM EDT1

Thank you for your question, Nicole Foster! 

I recommend you to wear what you want. For clothing I prefer leggins, vest, bra and socks. I don't like to wear sport shoes while I do Pilates.

About Equipment:

Pilates mat


Pilates rings

Jun 20, 10:23AM EDT0

Is there anything about pilates after a year that has surprised you?

Jun 15, 6:19AM EDT1

I learned to control my body better

Jun 23, 10:36AM EDT0

Does your significant other, if you have one, practice pilates?

Jun 14, 5:03PM EDT0

Do you have any pilates equipment and what kind?

Jun 14, 12:50PM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Jenny Herrera! No, I don't have any pilates equipment, because I do pilates in class and there is everything I need.

Jun 20, 10:24AM EDT0

Do you recommend pilates in combination with running to reduce injuries?

Jun 14, 4:25AM EDT0

Thank you for your question George Roberts! Actually, I started to combine pilates with running for 1 week. And I feel better. I running 2 km in once a week. 

Yes, I recommend pilates with running.

Jun 20, 10:26AM EDT0

What kind of shoes do people wear when they practice pilates?

Jun 14, 3:40AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Taylor Martin! I don't wear shoes while do Pilates. Pilates is usually done barefoot, so no fancyfootwear is needed.

Jun 20, 10:28AM EDT0

Do you have any recommendations for pilates shoes?

Jun 14, 12:00AM EDT0

Thank your for your question Jodi92, but I don't wear shoes. Pilates is usually done barefoot, so no fancy footwear is needed.

Jun 20, 10:28AM EDT0

Do you have friends over and practice pilates with them?

Jun 13, 7:00PM EDT0

Yes, I practice pilates with my friend, she is happy to do with me.

Jun 20, 10:29AM EDT0

Do you exercise in an any way other than by doing pilates?

Jun 13, 6:49PM EDT0

Do you have any friends that also practice pilates?

Jun 13, 5:51PM EDT0

Yes I practice pilates with my friend. It's funny. 

Jun 23, 10:37AM EDT0

Do you have a pilates instructor, if so, how have they influenced you?

Jun 13, 5:48PM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Thomas Reed! Yes, I have a pilates instructor. Her name is Maria and she tries to motivate with the final result. We always ask her about nutrion and she gave us advice.

Jun 20, 10:31AM EDT0

Where did you first learn about pilates from?

Jun 13, 2:07PM EDT0

I learnt about pilates from Internet.

Jun 23, 10:39AM EDT0

Does pilates cause a person to sweat a lot?

Jun 13, 1:45PM EDT0

Not a lot. 

Jun 23, 10:38AM EDT0

Do you use a pilates mat during your classes and at home?

Jun 13, 12:29PM EDT0

No, I haven't because I do pilates only in class.

Jun 23, 10:38AM EDT0

Are there any pilates dvds for children you recommend?

Jun 13, 10:18AM EDT0

Sorry Christine, but i don't have children and i can't recommend you.

Jun 23, 10:40AM EDT0

Do you practice pilates at home as well?

Jun 13, 4:57AM EDT0

Yes, but be carefull!

Jun 23, 10:40AM EDT0

How long did you know about pilates before you tried it?

Jun 13, 3:15AM EDT0

Maybe about 1-2 years

Jun 23, 10:41AM EDT0

Where do you practice pilates, which location or club?

Jun 12, 7:06PM EDT0

in Club.

Jun 23, 10:42AM EDT0

Do you prefer pilates to other forms of exercise?

Jun 12, 3:59PM EDT0

In pilates there are more exercises from yoga

Jun 23, 10:44AM EDT0

Who introduced you to pilates, if it was a person?

Jun 12, 2:47PM EDT0

No, it wasn't a person, I just curios to try something new.

Jun 23, 10:42AM EDT0

Do any of your friends go to the same pilates classes as you?

Jun 12, 2:09PM EDT0

Yes, i do pilates with my friend.

Jun 23, 10:42AM EDT0

What is your favorite movement or action in pilates?

Jun 12, 11:28AM EDT0

Yes, I have my fav movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Womx4TM6p3A 9:08 i love this exercise

Jun 20, 10:40AM EDT0

Where do you go to purchase your pilates equipment?

Jun 12, 9:48AM EDT0

I purchase my equipment from store, not e-shop

Jun 23, 10:43AM EDT0

Which do you think pilates improves upon most, fitness or flexibility?

Jun 12, 9:43AM EDT0


Jun 23, 10:44AM EDT0

Do you find a certain kind of clothing is best for pilates, what kind?

Jun 12, 9:03AM EDT0

For clothing I prefer leggins, vest, bra and socks. I don't like to wear sport shoes while I do Pilates.

Jun 23, 10:45AM EDT0

What differences have you seen in your body since you started pilates a year ago?

Jun 12, 7:58AM EDT0

I tightened my body

Jun 23, 10:46AM EDT0

If you practice pilates at home, do you use a dvd?

Jun 12, 5:31AM EDT0

Hey Brandonhorne! I don't use dvd, I do pilates only in a class.

Jun 20, 10:32AM EDT0

How is pilates different from yoga?

Jun 12, 5:20AM EDT1

Pilates classes focus on strength, muscle toning, body control, and flexibility, with the main emphasis being core strength.

Yoga focuses on flexibility and broad muscle groups. It offers balance, endurance, strength, spirituality, and some really physical movement.

Jun 20, 10:34AM EDT0

Do you have any family members, like a sister, that practices pilates?

Jun 12, 5:17AM EDT0

Hey Andrea Hogan, I don't have a sister,  I have a brother, but he doesn't practice pilates. 

Jun 20, 10:35AM EDT0

What are some pilates dvds that you would recommend?

Jun 12, 4:50AM EDT0

I recommend you this for beginners - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi-kKyjGV1c

Jun 20, 10:37AM EDT0

What do you feel is the biggest appeal of pilates, is it the convenience of it?

Jun 12, 1:34AM EDT0

possibility to control your body better.

Jun 23, 10:47AM EDT0