Hi people! I'm Shaina. Anyone here interested about K-beauty? #AMA#

Sep 11, 2017

I'm Shaina, i live in Atlanta. Few years ago i had bery troubled skin. My skin became darker from sunburn & there was spot. oh! how can i forgot about those tiny but stubborn rashes. These were the reason behind my daily depression. I tried many things. but makeup didn't help, end of day when i put off makeup my skin were becoming more sensitive. Then i heard about Korean beauty care. I watched videos & note down the main facts from the korean beauty vlogger. And it works! finally my money was not wasted. Korean products are not magical, those products are just pure & workable. I'm not here to advice about any specific brand but the processing of korean skin care is really good for a healthy skin.  Do you know Korean Women follows tem steps in their skin care routine! I don't have that much patience to do everything in everyday. But their basic step were helpful, even for  a lazy lady like me. If you have any skin problems, i can give you advice relating to K-beauty. Ask me anything!!!

Update (Sep 13, 11:30AM EDT):

Shaina.H says:

You can follow me on my instragram account: shaina_dhir

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Do you have facebook or twitter?

Sep 11, 4:25PM EDT0

You can follow me on my instagram account 

Sep 13, 11:30AM EDT0

How can I prevent aging skin?

Sep 11, 8:44AM EDT0

You have to tell me your age and skin type first. Bur red serum is a suitable anti-aging serum for all skin.

Sep 13, 11:28AM EDT0

What do you recommend to stop my skin from breaking out?

Sep 11, 5:33AM EDT0

What is your skin type and age? 

Sep 13, 11:27AM EDT0

I have a busy life and need to keep my routine simple. What are the necessities?

Sep 11, 3:13AM EDT0

Double cleansing , a toner, moisturizer & sunscreen is mandatory.

Sep 13, 11:26AM EDT0

Can you buy the products in a shop?

Sep 11, 3:05AM EDT0

Yes . 

Sep 13, 11:25AM EDT0

How do I find out my skin type?

Sep 11, 1:20AM EDT0

You need to clean your skin with a mild cleanser and wait for 30 minutes. Don't appy any serum, or moisturizer or anything. Then after 30 minutes if you feel strech in your skin specially when you smiling then you have dry skin. If you look oil on your Tbone line then You have normal to combination skin. If your skin becomes very shiny amd oily then you have oily skin

Sep 13, 11:25AM EDT0

Do you have samples that people can try?

Sep 11, 12:19AM EDT0

I don't work with K beauty companies. You can always ask for free sample in korean beauty shop or any retailer.

Sep 13, 11:18AM EDT0

What's the best product to avoid wrinkles?

Sep 10, 11:51PM EDT0

google about Red serum. I'm using it and its really working on my skin.

Sep 13, 11:17AM EDT0

Is there anything in your line that prevents blackheads?

Sep 10, 9:35PM EDT0

Yes , cleaning your skin is important to prevent blackheads. Double cleansing is a really working way to clean your skin. If you want you can add some Bha acid treatment in your routine. Bha acid is the best product toremoves blackheads.

Sep 13, 11:17AM EDT0

Do you have a website I can look at?

Sep 10, 8:44PM EDT0

I'm not a beauty blogger, i'm just a user of korean products. You can try klairs website & other korean beauty blogger websites

Sep 13, 11:14AM EDT0

My skin is really sensitive and products easily irritate my skin. What can I use?

Sep 10, 6:44PM EDT0

There are many products for sensitive skin sir. Which kind of skin do you have, oily/dry/combination?

Sep 13, 11:13AM EDT0

Do you have anything to get rid of brown sun spots?

Sep 10, 6:25PM EDT0

Please apply sunscreen daily. You can use Vitamin c serums to lighten your marks but vitamin c serum is photo sensitive. So remember to apply sunscreen daily (even in indoor) if you are using that.

Sep 13, 11:12AM EDT0

Can your products shrink my pores?

Sep 10, 5:14PM EDT0

You can't hide your pores totally, but yes you can shrink them by using korean beauty. It takes at least 6month to understand the effect so you have to keep patience 

Sep 13, 11:10AM EDT0

Do I really need to wear sunscreen every day?

Sep 10, 4:45PM EDT0

Yes, it's really really important. The Uv ray harming our skin more than anything.

Sep 13, 11:09AM EDT0

Do you have testimonials from people who used K beauty?

Sep 10, 2:50PM EDT0

Yes. even i'm using korean products since 2011

Sep 13, 11:08AM EDT0

What are the most important parts of a skincare routine?

Sep 10, 2:31PM EDT0

Hydrating your skin. I think Toner & moisturizer is the most important part

Sep 13, 11:08AM EDT0

How much are the products?

Sep 10, 2:24PM EDT0

It depends on the brands. Klairs is the best affordable one. Uou can try their products

Sep 13, 11:07AM EDT0

How can I reduce the oil production in my skin?

Sep 10, 1:36PM EDT0

Yes. Oily skin is very irritating. You can control your oil production by using a Alcohol free toner daily & Daily moisturizer (suitable for oily skin). People think moisturizer is only for dry skin.  if you don't balance the water hydration and your oil, & keep your skin dry then it will produce more sebum or oil.

Sep 13, 11:06AM EDT0

How do I know if a product is right for me?

Sep 10, 12:59PM EDT0

You have to know about your skin type. Dry, oily or combination? Then you have to understand which skin problem you are concerning about? Don't try to apply all the products at once. Introduce your skin to new products slowly. You can google or take advise from a user. Many korean companies give free sample sachets of many products so you can try out which one you wanna use.

Sep 13, 11:03AM EDT0

Since when have you been working with K products?

Sep 10, 11:42AM EDT0

I'm just a beneficial user. I'm working with them. I started using Korean products in 2011, when i had stubborn acne. :(

Sep 13, 11:00AM EDT0

How do you deal with acne?

Sep 10, 10:11AM EDT0

i had inflammatory acne in past, Thanks almighty i don't have that now. it takes long time to treat acne properly.The process depends on you skin type & acne type

Sep 13, 10:59AM EDT0
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