Hi people! I'm Shaina. Anyone here interested about K-beauty? #AMA#

Sep 11, 2017

I'm Shaina, i live in Atlanta. Few years ago i had bery troubled skin. My skin became darker from sunburn & there was spot. oh! how can i forgot about those tiny but stubborn rashes. These were the reason behind my daily depression. I tried many things. but makeup didn't help, end of day when i put off makeup my skin were becoming more sensitive. Then i heard about Korean beauty care. I watched videos & note down the main facts from the korean beauty vlogger. And it works! finally my money was not wasted. Korean products are not magical, those products are just pure & workable. I'm not here to advice about any specific brand but the processing of korean skin care is really good for a healthy skin.  Do you know Korean Women follows tem steps in their skin care routine! I don't have that much patience to do everything in everyday. But their basic step were helpful, even for  a lazy lady like me. If you have any skin problems, i can give you advice relating to K-beauty. Ask me anything!!!

Update (Sep 13, 11:30AM EDT):

Shaina.H says:

You can follow me on my instragram account: shaina_dhir

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