My eight-year old son recently underwent an Appendectomy procedure, a relatively young age for his case. Ask Me Anything!

Rose Morrison Faraon
Jun 18, 2017

It was very saddening the moment we learned about his condition as we have been striving to live a healthy lifestyle. But during those trying times and we barely have money to spend, our son was exuberant with braveness! He was calm, and told me and my husband a story of a heavenly experience he felt inside the operating room. Seems the stars conspired with us!

At first, we thought it was only the usual cough accompanied by a low fever. Then it was gradually replaced with an abdominal pain so we decided to bring him to his pediatrician. The following day, he would just sleep the whole day. At around 4pm, I found him chilling in bed. That is the time that I decided to bring him to the hospital. I have only PhP300 in my pocket but  I decided to bring him though. The attending doctor in the hospital told me upon examining my son that it was Appendicitis but I refuse to believe knowing that his pediatrician has already ruled out the said condition. He was admitted for observation. The following day, he was given subsequent doses of pain relievers but was relieved only a bit. Then we were advised in the evening that he is scheduled for an ultrasound at 12 noon the following day. Then came the ultrasound result, it was confirmed Appendicitis, The surgeon wants to have it done by 7pm but we decided to seek for a second opinion. We went to three different hospitals and they confirmed the same findings , but they could not guarantee as to when he will be attended and prepared for operation. We called the first hospital if they could still re-admit us and they answered in the affirmative. During the whole time that my son showed up signs of the condition, he never cried nor complained but was very cooperative and would display happiness and hope to us all. When he was about to be brought inside the operating room, he just asked me if they will cut open his stomach. I told him that the doctor will just massage it, We prayed and after that, submitted himself to the operating team. After the operation, we asked him what went on in the operating room and that is when he told us about his beautiful experience inside the operating room. And his school, without knowing what he went through, gave him a "Brave Soul" award during the recognition ceremony.We believe God provided us and our dear son with everything we need during that time. 

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