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Jul 16, 2017

healthy hacks, tips & advice!

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I want to have a more healthy lifestyle, but I can't afford to buy all the stuff from GNC and other such places. Where should I start?

Jul 17, 6:57PM EDT0

If I fast, what is a good guideline to follow?

Jul 17, 4:33PM EDT0

Should I cut out alcohol completely?

Jul 17, 4:01PM EDT0

What is your criteria for determining a "healthy lifestyle"

Jul 17, 2:26PM EDT0

I keep active, and I eat a vegetarian diet, yet I am always tired. What could cause this?

Jul 17, 2:24PM EDT0

Do I have to give up smoking pot if I want a healthier lifestyle?

Jul 17, 12:56PM EDT0

Are you a health professional?

Jul 17, 11:22AM EDT0

Can you tell me your credentials please?

Jul 17, 10:27AM EDT0

Are there any pills that can help me lose weight in a healthy way?

Jul 17, 10:26AM EDT0

How healthy is fasting?

Jul 17, 9:42AM EDT0

What can I eat with having Celiac disease?

Jul 17, 9:19AM EDT0

Should I cut red meat from my diet completely?

Jul 16, 9:16PM EDT0

Is Vegan more healthy than just vegetarian with occasional fish and chicken?

Jul 16, 7:31PM EDT0

What do you mean by healthy lifestyle, Just food, or exercise as well?

Jul 16, 7:19PM EDT0

What should a good support system entail?

Jul 16, 7:01PM EDT0

I can not do anything to raise my heart rate because of heart disease, and can not do high impact exercises either, what do you suggest?

Jul 16, 6:49PM EDT0

A healthy lifestyle, is it a lifestyle or way of thinking?

Jul 16, 1:30PM EDT0

How to motivate yourself to proper nutrition?

Jul 16, 1:29PM EDT0

What do you think about electronic cigarettes? Do they fit into a healthy lifestyle?

Jul 16, 1:29PM EDT0

They have more nicotine than cigarettes do! Mouth and throat cancer are more likely to happen using ecig. 

Jul 18, 1:32PM EDT0

What do you think about smokers?

Jul 16, 1:28PM EDT0

Personally I don't like the smell of cigarettes so it's easy not to smoke them but i have a loved one who smokes like a chiminey and we are currently working together to decrease his smoking habits! 

Jul 18, 1:27PM EDT0

I want to switch to proper nutrition. Tell me, where do I start?

Jul 16, 1:28PM EDT0

First and foremost knowing if you have any health issues is important like knowing if you have any allergies or Deficiencies that way you can eat Accordingly

Jul 18, 11:31AM EDT0

Do you stick to proper nutrition?

Jul 16, 1:27PM EDT0

Sticking to proper nutrition is essential to good health! So to answer your question yes I do! Tip: MODERATION is key! 

Jul 18, 11:03AM EDT0

Does your family also lead a healthy lifestyle?

Jul 16, 1:27PM EDT0

Yes! Some more than others

Jul 18, 11:00AM EDT0

What do you think about sport? What kind of sport do you prefer?

Jul 16, 1:25PM EDT0

Sport is amazing! It helps in so many ways! For instance reduces body fat, strengthens respiratory & keeps bones strong, to name a few! Sports for everyone can vary depending on their state of health. My favorite sport would be swimming!

Jul 18, 10:56AM EDT0

How long have you been living a healthy lifestyle?

Jul 16, 1:25PM EDT0

For 3 years! I will say that  I recently had 2 babies (2& 1) and my healthy lifestyle is skyrocketing not only for me but for them as well! They are a big factor in my passion for health! Starting them young is key to healthy habits! 

Jul 18, 10:49AM EDT0

Do you drink alcohol on holidays?

Jul 16, 1:24PM EDT0

I'm not a fan of drinking alcohol! However if you want to drink during holidays make sure to detox the following day! 

Jul 18, 10:46AM EDT0
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