Nov 11, 2017

Hi, I am Ruchi Goel, working as a Life Coach and a mental wellness expert. Ask Me Anything on happy and stress free living, self empowerment, mindfulness and removing anxieties and fears

Nov 9, 2017

I'm Jane and last month my boss told me that close the company. From January I will be jobless. I'm so depressed and I don't know what I do. I need some advice.  AMA!

Nov 12, 2017

IAM Barbara, here to remind you how essential #selflove is. Ask me anything about #AwakeningtoLove #fromFeartoLove #Awakening, #Integration, #Ascension, #Enlightenment #LivingaLifeofCelebration

Nov 13, 2017

Looking to jump into some FUN adventures? Well sit back and get ready to experience a new Sci fi webcomic series! Get ready to experience: Blast off: Into the unknown! Ask Me Anything regarding this webcomic project of mine!

Oct 20, 2017

Help us realize this health-based initiative. ASK ME ANYTHING

Nov 11, 2017

Hello there AMA folk! I'm Boris Grozev,a comic book artist that has worked and is working on several indie comics from the company known as 15 Year Comics. And now I've embarked on the journey to create my own fantasy comic book series as well, building a new world and concentrating on the tale of a trio of professional Vampire Hunters! Ask me anything about my projects and anything else you might be curious about!

Ask Me Anything about using Technology to solve healthcare problems.

Nov 15, 2017

Hi, my name is Mercy. I'm a final year medical student and I'm passionate about writing and singing. Ask me anything about my journey in medical school.

Nov 11, 2017

AMA....Lioness needs keeper! Life's a zoo, wanna get into my cage? I am composing a harmony of love; will you be my Muse? Where are all the bad boys? Join me in my adventure - LIFE! Looking for brains besides brawns. Let me be the sunshine of your life! Great cook...if you wanna add some spice to your life... Disneyland ain't the only place where dreams come true.... If you're the gutsy type, I'm the kind of trouble you'd love getting into (wink! wink!)! Let's get together and make boredom a thing of the past! I'm addicted to this site! Help me quit by becoming my mate. Have a seat! Comfortable? Good, let me introduce myself to you then... Don't hit on my profile if you're not keen on hitting on me! Life is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration ... seeking that 1%. If love is a crime baby, I'll do my time!

Nov 16, 2017

Hi! I'm Sumaya. I am a medical student. I want to be a pediatrician and I want to create awareness about immunization of children. Ask me anything about Immunization of Children.

I have created a new sustainable alternative to disposable plastic contact lens cases, AMA!

Nov 12, 2017

Hello world!! I am Arohi and I belong to wellness industry. You can ask me anything about your health and wellness. This AMA is for those who wish to have a healthy and luxurious lifestyle!! Along with health and wellness, I have a great opportunity to start a good career in wellness industry. AMA!! #Askmeanything #WELLNESS #HEALTH

Scars is a show that deals with depression, suicide, self acceptance and identity. Ask the creator and cast anything (AMA)

Nov 13, 2017

AMA - Welcome to Incredible India. Athithi Devo Bhavo - Guests are God.

AMA about the I Can Be Foundation hosting a Family Literacy Day at Holtz Children's Hospital


Nov 10, 2017

My name is Jennifer okeke I'm a 4th year medical student..... and I'm also a blogger I've been blogging for a year now..... so you can ask me anything about blogging and how to balance medical school and blogging... thanks

Hello, I'm Sofia Haslington, well actually I'm a character created by Author Marilyn L Rice but I know what it's like to be at the mercy of a control freak...ask me anything about survival.

Nov 13, 2017

Need someone to talk to? about love, about depression anything (oops disregard sex, it's not on my list :-) ) I'm here to listen. Do you need a cheerful chat buddy? Serious and Jolly companion here. Ask Me Anything.

Nov 16, 2017

AMA about anxiety, depression, fatherhood... and photography, self-publishing & firemen

Nov 15, 2017

#AMA I am a professional, exhibited collage artist, abstract geometric designer and abstract painter - Ask me anything

Nov 16, 2017

I am Placid Ihuoma, founder of Rocker kinetic. #AMA about ROCKER KINETIC : dynamic exercise module

Nov 15, 2017

Hi! I'm Will von Bolton, author of Loophole to Happiness, a 585 word operating system for your mind. Written by Will von Bolton to be like a philosophical equation, each of the 150 pages consist of a memorable phrase reacting to the spectrum of being human, together creating an operating system for your mind. Daren Martin, Phd in Psychology calls the book, ‘The E=Mc2 of Happiness.' Loophole to Happiness can be a daily reference or a conversation piece that embeds a realistic and efficient way to be 'happy' into your thinking. Ask me anything!

I am a designer with anxiety disorder making a switch to full time freelance and successfully not freaking about it. Ask me anything!

Jun 13, 2017

With an increase of fad diets and self-diagnosed sensitivities, you have probably heard of "gluten" (a substance found in wheat, barley, and rye). You may even know someone who claims to be "gluten sensitive". But only 1% of the population lives with the clinical diagnosis of Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease which makes the digestion of gluten impossible. I have Celiac Disease. Ask me anything!

Hi, My name is Anatalia. The virgin coconut oil is the single beauty product that I use. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 13, 2017

I recently cut out all red meats and most dairy from my diet, AMA!

Jun 13, 2017

My name is Sasha Zarins. I am a long-time volunteer for the American Cancer Society and I helped start a successful Relay For Life fundraising event in my hometown! Ask Me Anything!

Jun 12, 2017

I am currently working as a part-time Dental Assistant here in Cyprus, knowing I have no knowledge or background about dentistry and also I am not allowed to work legally yet as my yellowslip residency registration is still on the process. immigration takes ages I've got bills to pay. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 10, 2017

My name is Steve, 46 years old, from Canberra, Australia. I have a degree in Exercise Science and many years experience in bodybuilding and bodybuilding supplements. Join us for a conversation on the topic and let's set some things straight on some common myths and misunderstandings about the sport. Ask me anything!

Jun 11, 2017

My name is Dragana Drobnjak, just started working as a freelancer on 'up work'. I am 25 years old, married and had a child- lost my son a few months ago. Delivered him in the 7th month of pregnancy, he was a preemie baby. We were in the hospital for 7 months, 7 months of hope and extreme fear, and then he died. My heart also died with him. Ask me anything!

Jun 13, 2017

Hi, I'm Renu, 30 yrs old HR professional and my depression and generalised anxiety disorder has worsened recently. Still am striving to get a respectable job in a non-english speaking country (& believe me its damn tough to get one). My aim is to make my parents proud. I am living on faith that "this too shall pass" & "will never ever quit, come what may". Ask Me Anything!

Jun 11, 2017

My name is Caroline. An ordinary 28 year old with an extra-ordinary taste for unique cuisine. I am a nutritionist and diet adviser, with particular interest in embracing food diversity as a solution to the global food crisis. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 8, 2017

Studying Buddhism three years ago brought me to different countries, cultures, Buddhist traditions, meditation retreats and Zen centre stays. It has been an uphill but fulfilling battle applying the teachings to real life issues. AMA.

Jun 12, 2017

Hi! My name is Tatyana. I'm an English teacher and a freelancer. I'm fond of fitness and healthy living. I use different vitamins and supplements which are very useful and effective. They help me to keep the right weight and be full of energy. Ask Me Anything!

Burial costs for my mother. AMA

Jun 13, 2017

Online English teacher for over 10 years but my greatest obsession is food and cooking!!! I've had the pleasure of training under my country's hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. I had my own catering company which revolutionized food delivery and catering to wakes and funerals. Yes! It's been an exciting ride. At present, I have my own party-food-to-go business, and I blog! what else? Food, cooking and family! Ask Me Anything!

Gym does make the difference. After giving birth to two kids I look better than ever. Ask me how, ask me why, ask me anything! :)

Goddess Redefined: Supporting Women to Redefine Beauty, Ask Me Anything Dear AMA!

Sep 20, 2017

I'm Raymond, co-founder of a Singaporean meal replacement company. I've helped people (including myself) with lasting, sustainable weight loss. AMA about diet, meal replacement, exercise for your weightloss journey or just for a healthier lifestyle.

I'm a professor, public health expert, disaster preparedness planner, and podcaster. AMA!

Jun 13, 2017

I am a Fashion and Vegetarian Food Blogger from India. I am addicted to fashion and food like I almost breathe them! I have a personal blog where I blabber endlessly about my passion. I also work as a freelance content writer. Ask me anything!

My name is Sabrena, from North Carolina. By trade, I am a nurse, but a writer by passion. I write women fiction which allows me to create stories wherein life changes takes a woman on a transforming journey. I love to travel to writer's retreats where I have all the creative space and time I need to bring my characters to life. Go ahead, Ask Me Anything

Help Medelline overcome the terrible illness she suffers. She suffers from cancer on her tongue.Ama

Jun 13, 2017

Hi everyone I am Image Kadir. I am a 23-year-old guy as of 2017. My life so far has been amazing because I am a part of what I love the most that is bodybuilding. I have been in the organizing committee of many bodybuilding shows & competitions. I’m a fitness enthusiast --Ask Me Anything!

I was diagnosed with Thalassemia (a blood disorder) a few years ago and I was told by my doctor that I cannot (and MUST not) climb mountains. I climbed a mountain (1846 mASL) last month and I SURVIVED. AMA!

AMA "Trees of Memory" for suicide victims will line a path around the world I will walk, beginning in March 2018 + crisis centers for those who left behind after a suicide

Hi! I am a Medical Doctor, Attending Surgeon and Professor. Ask me anything about your health condition, your medicine subjects or anything related to public health.

I have severe COPD and need a Lung Transplant with only 10% of my lungs left surgery will be done at UVA hospital at Charlottesville Virginia I need 5000 to make my goal to get this surgery a place to stay because I have to relocate there for 3 months, food, medicine, living expense so please help me reach my goal God Bless AMA

Jun 13, 2017

Hi, i'm Maria! 3 years ago I was trying to lose weight on variety of unhealthy diets. That led to me developing bulimia. I'm trying to overcome this mental health problem by eating healthy and exercising. Ask me anything.

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