Train harder or smarter? #AMA about Runtopia, running and the future in smart sportswear (Yes, it's exciting!)

Mari Yang
Nov 30, 2017

Hi! I'm Mari Yang, I'm the International Operations Manager, social media junkie and wanna-be runner here at Runtopia. We're an ambitious and talented team based out of Chengdu, China, working to achieve a big idea: to bring smart sports to the world.

Right now, we're crowdfunding a pair of super smart running shoes on Indiegogo. As 70% of runners face a running injury at some point in time, we created Runtopia Reach to prevent just that. 

Runtopia Reach tracks running data and gives you audio coaching in real-time, so that you can alter your running form before any injury sets in. Post-run analysis gives you insight into your running data.

We at Runtopia believe smart sportswear is the future of the fitness industry, and I personally second that. Want to know more about Runtopia, smart wearables and running? Ask me anything! 

Check out our crowdfunding campaign HERE.

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