Nov 18, 2017

AMA and GrahamR Writings presents urban novelist, Frank"Nitty" Zeigler Jr, author of "Twurk & Thang: The Inseparables"as well as the second featured author in our incarcerated authors series! #AuthorsAMA #AskMeAnything

Nov 18, 2017

Hi guys. I'm a Nurse. Nursing has been my passion for as long as I can remember coupled with the fact that caring for people comes naturally to me. So yeah AMA

AMA Ask Me Anything Hey I upload daily content on YouTube, I do gaming videos, I’ll be doing fitness videos when I hit enough subscribers, I’ll be doing motivational and inspirational videos, if I hit 500k subscribers I’ll even sky dive out of a plane ( I’m Scared Of Heights )

Nov 19, 2017

Hi,my name is Pratik,I'm a health practitioner, ask me anything about health

I'm Karthik Kotresh from Bangalore, India. I've just launched my debut novel, a psychological horror, titled The Parking Lot. Ask me anything!

AMA for custom computer architecture and arming

Nov 21, 2017

AMA with Roots Furniture, a two-man startup building bespoke furniture and commercial fittings.

AMA: Disease is a conversation starter with your soul

Nov 29, 2017

African cook with experience as a caterer. AMA about African Nigerian meals.

Dec 9, 2017

Ask me anything, My name is bliss, I’m a Nigerian, a final year medical student, studying pharmacy. I love everything about fashion, blogging, vloging and entertainment. I am a blogger, basically for now I blog about fashion and my own style of outfits, but I plan to expand my blog and bring in the medical aspect too, more like blogging on health, diet etc. you can check out my blog on thanks😊

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